Total Eyecare Under One Roof.

88 Yearsof Eye Care in Gujarat India.

Care With Compassion

Pioneer of Phako Emulsification Surgery in India (Since 1987).

Diva eye institute is gujarat's No 1 eye hospital which has been awarded with NABH (National accreditation Board of Hospitals)

Information for Patient

The Diva Eye institute has behind it a robust history of eighty years of eye care in the state of Gujarat.


Even if you have not experienced eye problems in the past, you should see an ophthalmologist if:

  • you experience a change in vision in one or both eyes, such as blurring, double vision, blind spots, flashing lights or floaters
  • your eyes experience pain, persistent irritation, itching, discharge or the sensation of a foreign body
  • you have had recurrent conjunctivitis, or red eyes
  • you experience problems with too many or too few tears
  • you are currently taking steroids orally for any other condition
  • you have a growth on the eyelid or the eyelid is incorrectly positioned
  • you are diabetic
  • you are aged above 40
  • you have a family history of glaucoma



Eye Examination Procedures

There are many different eye conditions; you will need to have a detailed eye examination which could take upto 2 hours, depending on the complexity of tests required. The durations indicated below are an average.

Registration (5 minutes)

On arrival you will be asked to fill in a registration card. Please give your complete permanent address with telephone number. You will be asked to take a seat until our receptionist accompanies you to your vision test. If the patient is below 15 years, you will be taken directly to the Paediatric ophthalmology.

Vision test (10 minutes)

Every patient has a simple test to check your level of vision from an eye chart.

Refraction (10 minutes)

A refractionist will place a series of lens in front of your eyes and will ask which looks clearer. This test determines your exact eye power and determines your level of sight.

Preliminary examination (20 minutes)

An eye doctor will carry out an initial examination of your eyes, please advise the doctor of any previous medical history.

Blood pressure / Eye tension / Sugar test ( 30 minutes)

This is only for patients aged 40+, we will check your blood pressure, intraocular pressure and a urine test for diabetes. Stages 3 - 5 may happen in any order depending on the patient load.

Dilation (30 minutes)

The doctor in some cases may ask the refractionist to instil eye drops in the eye. This is to make the pupils bigger in order to get a better view of the inside of the eye. It may take 30 minutes for dilation, you will be asked to wait in the waiting room during this time. You will experience blurred vision for 2 - 3 hours following dilation.

Final examination and diagnosis (5 minutes)

After all the tests have been carried out the doctor will carry out a final examination and depending on the results you will be guided to the speciality clinics.


Accommodation Facilities

Patients who require surgery or monitoring will be asked to get admitted in the hospital. Patients can choose from the different types of rooms based on the availability. At the time of counseling, the counselors will assist you in selecting the room, surgical techniques and implants available. Based on your convenience, you can choose the package of your choice. Cashless facilities and reimbursement certificates can be availed as applicable.

Many of the surgeries are being done as day care procedures. Patients undergoing day care procedures need not stay in the hospital after the surgery. The package charges vary based on the type of accommodation selected for procedures other than the day care. Following are the different types of

accommodation facilities available:
  • Suite
  • A Special A/C
  • A Class(Non A/C)
  • B Class
  • C Class
  • General Ward

On admission, a deposit equivalent to or approximate to the treatment or surgery charges will be collected. The balance if any, will be collected / refunded at the time of discharge based on the surgery / treatment and the type of accommodation chosen. Bills are payable by cash, with insurance claims.

Discharge Procedure

Patients are requested to vacate the room before 10.00 am on the day of discharge. Instructions regarding post operative care, medication, discharge summary will be explained by the ophthalmic assistants at the time of discharge.

Room Reservation Facility

Diva Eye Institute offers a facility for advance room reservation following the doctor's advice to get admitted for surgery or treatment at a later date.

Support Services
Medical shop and Optical shop

The medical shop is located on the ground floor, which functions from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm on all working days (Monday to Saturday).

General Instructions

The hospital solicits co operation for maintaining quiet ambience. Children are strictly not allowed to visit or stay with the patient.

Security instructions

You are advised not to bring valuables to the hospital. Do not hand over money and valuables to strangers. The ward nurse available in each floor can be approached for further details. Closed circuit camera is provided in the ward for the safety of patients. For further assistance, contact Manager.

Hospital staff

During your stay you will come in contact with many hospital staff such as doctors, nurses, counselors, housekeepers and sanitary workers. All of them are working round the clock to make your stay at Diva Eye Institute as comfortable as possible. Please avoid giving tips and gifts to the sanitary workers and other staff in the hospital.

International Patients


A Visa issued by the Indian embassy is necessary for you to travel to India.

All patients except citizens of Nepal and Bhutan need a medical visa for visiting India to undergo any mode of treatment,.

The hospital, on request will provide visa invitation letter to the embassy based on the referral letter from local Ophthalmologist with supporting medical reports (hard copy).It is advised to keep a soft copy for faxing purpose.

Depending on the period of your stay, it may be necessary to obtain a Residential Permit from the Police Department in Ahmedabad. This can be arranged after arrival at the hospital.

It is advisable to carry additional copies of your visa/ passport/ residential permit.

5 Copies of passport-sized photographs will be necessary to register for a local mobile connection.

Before leaving your own country, you should obtain fitness certificate from your doctor and get information on the precautions and vaccinations needed for travel to India.

We request you to carry the following documents when you come to Diva Eye Institute for availing services.

  • Copies/originals of all medical reports and medication details (Mandatory)
  • Referral notes from your doctor (Mandatory)
  • CD copies of any scans like X-ray/MRI/CT/ECHO (if any)

Diva Eye Institute is approximately 20 minutes drive from Ahmedabad airport. Transport from airport to hospital will cost around US$ 7.


On arrival, the patient has to get registered at the hospital by paying a nominal sum for consultation. If the doctor advises surgery or treatment, the patient has to get admitted. An advance deposit or an approximate amount for the treatment and surgery charges will be collected and receipt issued. The balance, if any, will be collected / refunded at the time of discharge when final comprehensive billing is made.


The patient and the attendant will be guided to the room and the instructions and other related facilities will be explained by the staff in the nursing station. The nurse will assist you in getting appointment with the doctor and other test/examination procedures.


With a view to provide patient friendly facilities to our International Patients we have Deluxe Inpatient Rooms with, TV, room service, laundry service etc. We also provide assistance for arranging accommodation post hospital discharge.


On the day of discharge, all the bills must be settled before 1:00 pm. Bills can be settled in the nursing station of respective floors and/or at the discharge counter. The ward nurse or counselor at the nursing station will provide instructions regarding the medications and also the review/follow-up date. The discharge summary and any other prescriptions will be handed over to the patient during discharge.


The hospital accepts payments through only Indian Rupees (INR). Receipts will be issued for all payments made, and at the time of discharge final bill will be presented.


We help you in booking your tickets and make necessary travel arrangements. Local travel arrangements can be also be made. We provide detailed information on Visa and Passport formalities and our executives will help you in fulfilling the necessary formalities.

Hospital Location


Kindly describe your eye ailment along with personal details like, Name, Gender, Age, Medical Record Number(in case of review patients), Address including name of the City, District, State, Country, Pincode as well as Phone/ Mobile Number etc.

In case of referral patients or patients coming for second opinion , please attach your previous medical records. You may send in your queries / requests to Email :-,