Total Eyecare Under One Roof.

88 Yearsof Eye Care in Gujarat India.

Care With Compassion

Pioneer of Phako Emulsification Surgery in India (Since 1987).

Diva eye institute is gujarat's No 1 eye hospital which has been awarded with NABH (National accreditation Board of Hospitals)


DIVA Eye Institute provides complete eye care under one roof. Dr Dipan Desai is the Pioneer of phacoemulsification in INDIA. He started phacoemulsification in INDIA in 1987. He had imported the first phaco machine from WILMER EYE INSTITUTE,

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Diva Lasik Refractive Center

At Diva, patients are expertly guided to choose the procedure which is best for them. Our senior and experienced consultants have the knowledge, experience and ability; and are trained in all the above procedures.

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The Visumax Femtosecod Laser System is the latest addition in the world of refractive surgery. This award winning technique has significantly changed the way we perform refractive surgery for spectacle removal.

It is the epitome of outstanding precision, speed and gentle treatment.

In other techniques for spectacle removing refractive surgery, a flap is first cut from the cornea with a microkeratome or femtolaser, and raised. During this step, suction has to be applied to fixate the eye, which may lead to raised intra-ocular pressure. Then, using excimer laser, the corneal tissue is ablated (vaporized) to the calculated extent after which the flap is repositioned. In the immediate post-operative period, eye rubbing etc may result in this flap being displaced.

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Pioneers of Phaco Emulsification

Dr.Dipan Desai started Phaco Emulsification in India in 1987. The first Phaco machine was imported from U.S.A & since since then we have the latest generation Phaco machines. READ MORE


Sometimes a hospital's story is best told by patients who have been there. We are pleased to present these stories and testimonials. What patients are saying about DIVA Eye Institute. READ MORE


For Stabilizing the Eye in Phako Surgery, The Desai Fork was invented. This allows better maneuverability, causes less bleeding of conjunctiva and is a very useful tool.READ MORE

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a term used when a foreigner travels to another country to avail of proper medical treatment. In the field of ophthalmology, i.e., Eye Care,READ MORE

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our Infrastructure

Diva Eye Institute has now got NABH (National accreditation Board of Hospitals) accreditation after 4 years of hard work and perseverance.It is the most coveted certification for hospitals in India awarded after rigorous and meticulous repeated inspections. It indicates the safety,quality,high standards in instrumentation and delivery of eyecare. We are the only eye hospital in Gujarat and one of the few inIndia either in public or private sector to have been awarded NABH.