Total Eyecare Under One Roof.

88 Yearsof Eye Care in Gujarat India.

Care With Compassion

Pioneer of Phako Emulsification Surgery in India (Since 1987).

Diva eye institute is gujarat's No 1 eye hospital which has been awarded with NABH (National accreditation Board of Hospitals)

Help / Queries / Emergency

The Diva Eye institute has behind it a robust history of eighty years of eye care in the state of Gujarat.

Help / Queries / Emergency

At diva we would consider our self priviledged to help & sort out your queries regarding eye care.

We also would like to give second opinions for emergency.

Emergency :-

There are the following conditions of Emergency -

  • All fresh eye injury patients(any type)
  • All patients with "Sudden loss of vision"
  • All patients with acutely painful eye
  • All post-operative patients with red eye/painful eye/sudden loss of vision
  • All such patients need to come the institute without delay.

We are providing service between 8 am to 8 pm.Beyond this time kindly contact our
Emergency No : (1)079-4002 0000, (2)079-2656 2006, (3)079-2656 9596