Total Eyecare Under One Roof.

88 Yearsof Eye Care in Gujarat India.

Care With Compassion

Pioneer of Phako Emulsification Surgery in India (Since 1987).

Diva eye institute is gujarat's No 1 eye hospital which has been awarded with NABH (National accreditation Board of Hospitals)

Eye Donation

The Diva Eye institute has behind it a robust history of eighty years of eye care in the state of Gujarat.

Eye Donation

The Need

25% of the world's blind people are in India

  • 27 million - moderate sight impairment
  • 9 million - bilateral blind
  • 260,000 - blind children
  • 4.6 Million - Number of patients with Corneal Blindness in India

Out of 4.6 million, 90% are below the age of 45 years including 60% that are below the age of 12 years. Out of 4.6 million, at least 3 million can benefit by Corneal transplantation.

Vision & Mission

The mission of Diva Eye bank is "VISION AGAINST THE BLINDNESS". The sole purpose of this eye bank is to spread this motto amongst the citizens for eye donation and thus help cure needless blindness.

Diva Eye Bank is dedicated to the restoration of sight. We recover, evaluate and distribute human eye tissue for transplantation. Public and professional education programs, coupled with community outreach efforts, connect us with communities and with our constituents. We strive to educate the public about the ongoing need for eye, organ and tissue donors, and facilitate the work of healthcare professionals involved in the process.

DIVA Eye Bank Procedure

The procedures of our eye bank are classified based on the five major functions of eye banking.

  • Promoting public awareness
  • Tissue harvesting
  • Tissue evaluation
  • Tissue preservation
  • Tissue distribution.

Fequently Asked Questions ?